What You Find When Using A Lawyer Directory

In the US, citizens and business owners who need legal representation consult listings in a lawyer directory. The listings direct the individuals to attorneys managing specific types of cases in varying practices of law. The information offers contact details for each attorney. Directories are an effective option for consumers or businesses needing to hire Bankruptcy Attorneys.

File for Bankruptcy

Consumers or business owners who need to file for bankruptcy must meet specific eligibility requirements. Each state has its own requirements for claimants. However, the basic standards state the claimant is eligible for chapter 13 if they have an income above the median for their household. For chapter 7, the claimant has adequate assets with a value that exceeds their total debt.

When starting a case, all claimants attend credit counseling courses in preparation for the guidelines for their case. Next, the claimant is advised of the rules of their case and what is expected of them. If they fail to follow the requirements, then the judge discharges their case and lifts the automatic stay.

Starting a Divorce Case

Petitioners who want to start a divorce case learn more about the current laws in their state. The laws determine if the location is a fault or no-fault state. A fault state allows the petitioner to use any divorce grounds when filing. A no-fault state limits them to irreconcilable differences.

Each state defines how the marital assets are divided among the couple. Community property laws require a complete split of all assets regardless of how each party obtained the asset. Non-community law states protect assets that were inherited from a family member. In some areas, additional asset awards are provided in lieu of spousal support. To start a case, petitioners are advised to contact divorce lawyers now.

Fighting Against Criminal Charges

Criminal charges lead to an arrest and evidence piling up against a defendant. A defense attorney examines the evidence and helps the defendant build a defense. Several defenses are available according to details of the arrest and evidence that contradicts the prosecution’s case. Defendants who need help contact criminal lawyers right now.

In the US, citizens and businesses facing legal issues take steps to find a suitable attorney for their case. The circumstances of the case help the individuals find a legal representative that meets their needs and represents their interests. Consumers or businesses that need help contact Bankruptcy attorneys through local directories now.


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